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Aldar completes sale of residential tower to MAG F5 Holdings

Aldar Properties PJSC (" Aldar " or "the Company" ADX: ALDAR ), Abu Dhabi's leading listed property ..

Sukuk market to surge in GCC region – Dubai Chamber report

The global Sukuk industry is expected to be one of the fastest growing segments of the Islamic finan ..

EMPH opens first Gulf office in UAE

Emerging Markets Payments Holdings (EMPH) announced the official opening of its new office in Dubai, ..

Who’s Smarter: The Selfish or the Generous?

In 1992, a young CEO named Kurt Herwald apparently gave away half a million dollars of his company ..

Does Trying to Be Happy Make Us Unhappy?

As we muddle through our days, the quest for happiness looms large. In the U.S., citizens are grante ..

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